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Health Guide 2
 Creator's Awakening Gift & Wellness Checkup 


.Have you ever wondered why bad things happen to you despite your best efforts?

There are an almost endless variety of esoteric "NASTIES" that can mess with you Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually in the form of ENTITIES, BLOCKERS,  ATTACKERS and EMOTIONS.  Get a WELLNESS CHECKUP and a full cleanup.


Clearing Response

                   NEW AWAKENING GIFT

Creator has provided a... NEW AWAKENING GIFT for humanity.    


This is a totally NEW gift from Creator.  This will include the previous "Creator's Enhanced Gift" and provide humanity an awakening to their true essence.  You will experience an upliftment beyond your previous limitations. 


This awakening will prepare you for your return to a being of light.  LEARN MORE


Clearing Response


Every insult, hurt, accident, emotional pain, physical assault you have EVER EXPERIENCED is still IN YOU as a TRAUMA!

Your body does not know how to resolve these traumas from the womb, birth, pre-teen, teen and throughout your adult life.  Every event that caused you pain is still in you creating an ever growing mountain of stress on you.  Drugs don't work and create even more toxic stress.  Talking about them doesn't help (we've all tried this)!   Meditation, prayer and exercise can give temporary relief, but the pain always returns.

Every day adds to the list of trauma insults accumulating into the millions, billions and beyond.  These imbedded traumas are harmful trapped negative energies that weigh you down, sap your energy and emotionally drain you.  They can precipitate physical ailments, depression, irritability and a negative outlook on life.

Releasing these through QE and the Balloon Exercise was effective when specific emotions surfaced but did not address the underlying multitudes of a lifetime of traumas.  TRAUMA REMOVAL addresses and removes the root of all these allowing your body to process and heal these lifetime hurts providing improved physical, mental and emotional health and putting a smile in your heart. 



Unknown to you, your higher-self, greater-self, god-self or creator-self may have made fraudulent contracts with the "dark" committing you in harmful ways.  Since they are of pure light, they cannot discern deception by dark entity/energies proposing a fraudulent contract.  Of course the dark ones promise wonderful things (but never deliver) and you are stuck with dark devious commitments you were not aware existed.  These can manipulate you to do harmful things to yourself or others without you even knowing they guided your actions thru commonly engaging your anger or fear.  These are removed with CONTRACT REMOVAL.



The evidence is overwhelming that the "COVID VACCINATIONS" do nothing to protect you from the non-existent COVID-19 virus, but are showing permanent and fatal complications to recipients (COVID and VACCINATION RESEARCH). 

Despite Creator's making harmless the COVID vaccines early on, new entries, changes or additions to vaccine formulas still make the prospect of danger to recipients of the "jab".

Unknown to you, nano-bots along with other invasive ingredients in these vaccines systematically seek out and damage cells throughout your body including heart and brain.  They readily transition past the blood brain barrier and in animal studies turn the brain cells to mush in weeks or months (estimated equivalent to one year plus in humans).  Documented results from VAXXED beings show effects ranging from ciesures, paralysis, heart attack, stroke to death. Nanoparticles further collect in the overies, bone and precipitate auto-immune disorders. The best doctors and researchers to date have provided no remedy to remove or alleviate the methodical destruction of these "vaccines".   Creator has provided an etheric remedy to mitigate harmful vaccines.

VAXXED Victims Need Help

There is a VAXXED Solution



When you surf the internet, there are a multitude of malicious robots, trackers, key loggers, privacy invaders and data strippers that can do great harm.  VPN (Virtual Private Networks) protect your privacy and your finances providing security and peace of mind.

ULTRA VPN PROTECTION will continually protect you 24/7 without having to active it daily... it is permanently ON.  It works worldwide where-ever internet is provided, protects your privacy, identity and includes streaming protection. ULTRA VPN PROTECTION connects you securely and anonymously.



All Cell Phones (3G, 4G, 5G) emit harmful energies to your body.  Short and long term use can induce trauma to your brain and can result in cancers.  As part of the Wellness Checkup we now provide protection from your cell phones 24/7.



Real HGH
Increased Energy
HGH can have a profound effect on increasing energy and a sense of well-being. It can reinvigorate the mind and also reverse the attitudes and expectations associated with aging. It increases concentration and thinking power and has an anti-depressive action on the brain.

Real Trim II 
Weight loss with Emotional Support: Burn Fat/Cellulite, Supress Appetite, More Energy. No Health Restrictions, Encourages Exercise, Increase Metabolism


AngerClear: For symptoms of Anger and related emotions
For Peace, Security, Relaxation, Confidence

FearClear: For symptoms of Fear and related emotions
For Love, Harmony, Comfort, Satisfaction.


SorrowClear: For symptoms of Sorrow and related emotions
For Joy, Contentment, Acceptance, Fulfillment.


Real Water 


        ¨       More energy
¨       Bowel normalization
¨       Calcium assimilation
¨       Increasing blood flow to muscles
¨       Circulatory & heart health
¨       Increasing mental acuity
¨       Electrolyte replacement
¨       Vitamin absorption
¨       Bone, joint and teeth health
¨       Normalizing blood pressure

Quantum Energetics
Release emotional toxins and stressorsQuantum Energetics Prosperity Training is a powerful trauma release program and success building process.  We either attract success or lack into our lives based on our core "beliefs" or energy patterns. Members and their families often have significant emotional and physical stress in their lives which affect their prosperity (peace, money, abundance, health, love, joy, happiness, etc.). 




Real HGH Results in 1 Week (click) 

I was really trying to find something that would work.  I was tired of the same old promises and stories. I decided to try BioRenew REAL HGH. I can tell you that I can't believe that I have only taken your product for a week and have these results. I have finally been able to sleep all night, everyone is commenting on how great my skin looks, my energy is consistent the whole day and my mood is elevated and calm.  This is only in a week! I have even seen some changes in my body (stomach area) which is really hard to get rid of at my age 42.  I will be looking forward to the results each wk as I see there are new changes and improvements to look forward to.  Thank you for this great product- One that truly does work! :)



Your sprays are phenomenal.  Everytime I run out of sorrow,and fear clear I am running back for more.   I have only had to use the anger clear twice in addition to therapy.  Your sprays work fast and make a very noticeable difference compared to other sprays I have used.


 Immediate Positive Changes (Click)

The employees of the local natural foods and products store in our town have been very enthusiastic about the BioRenew line, especially the AngerClear, FearClear, and SorrowClear.  They have tried the formulas themselves with success and have family members who have also benefited.  I was somewhat skeptical of their enthusiastic accounts since they, as retailers, had a vested interest in trying to give me a good impression of the products.  But I took a few minutes to complete the assessment of conditions that were indicators for each of these three negative emotions and discovered that I had a lot going on in the area of "Anger."  When I thought about it, I realized that this was something I knew already, but had avoided dealing with. 

I know that the human body stores within its cells the memory of all of our life experiences, including the bad and traumatic ones.  I have had some unfortunate experiences with severe trauma and I am familiar with its tendency to cause the body and memory to 'turn to stone,' so to speak  -  in other words, trauma can set up serious responses of inertia that result in our inability to be able to move past the traumatic incident and its physical and emotional consequences.  So I decided to try the "AngerClear" formula.

I tried to really pay attention to what was going on with my body and my feelings each time I took the formula.  Even after the very first dose, I had a definite experience of feeling like I was able to somewhat rise above the anger that I am now realizing has come to define such an integral part of my emotional landscape.  After the next dose, I had a real sense of things beginning to move and change within my body.  I am continuing to pay attention to my feelings and experiences as I keep taking the formula.  I feel like I am really on to something positive that is very helpful to me.

I'm not trying to present this formula as a 'magical elixir.'  I don't believe that it is appropriate to try to substitute 'substances' of any kind for the benefits that come from genuine emotional, mental and spiritual effort during the process of accepting responsibility for ones emotions and recovery.  But aids such as the "AngerClear" formula can be very helpful and beneficial along the path to overcoming negativity and trying to recover ones optimum emotional health.


Trim II

I have been using Real Trim II for less than a week and I can really tell a difference. I am working out up to two hours a day and still do not have much of an appetite. After taking it I feel strong and want to work out harder and longer. I am excited to see the results with ongoing use.


Real HGH

Miracle in a Bottle (click)

My husband and I are both 38. We have three young children, and both suffer from chronic back problems. We invested in a bottle of BioRenew [Real HGH] on Dec.28,2009. Within minutes of our first spray, we immediately felt an amazing burst of much needed energy; and it keeps getting better!! My husband has noticed a great increase of muscular mass, more acute senses, better stamina, and weight loss...all in our first month!!! I, myself have noticed a greater sense of mental connection with my husband. Also we feel that there has been a slight increase in our overall height, it seems to be regenerating the discs in our spines!! This stuff is like a Miracle in a bottle. We're telling all our friends about it!!! And if it's possible, we'd like to become advocates for your products.

                      Joseph and Anathea C

Real HGH

Shocking Results (click)

Real HGH is wonderful! It has given my 49 year old body a total body transformation. I have been on the product for 9 months and people are shocked when I tell them that I will be 50 in a few months. I can't believe the results myself and I'm not even very much of a consistent gym go-er. Real HGH is safe and natural. I highly recommend this product if you want to look and feel yonger, but mostly stay healthy.


Real HGH
Increased Energy
HGH can have a profound effect on increasing energy and a sense of well-being. It can reinvigorate the mind and also reverse the attitudes and expectations associated with aging. It increases concentration and thinking power and has an anti-depressive action on the brain.





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