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Health Guide 2
Creator's Awakening Gift

Creator's Awakening Gift


Overview of Awakening and Clearing Process

Grounding & Cross Crawl Exercise Audio

Cross Crawl Exercise Text:

Touch your right elbow to your left knee (close is good enough), then touch your left elbow to your right knee.  Repeat this sequence 2 more times. This will remove you from any reversal.

Grounding Exercise Text:

Sit comfortably in a chair or couch with feet on the floor (or do outdoors with feet on the ground). You can be barefoot or keep your shoes on.  Read first, then do the grounding with your eyes closed.


Imaging a safe and loving place where you have good memories (the beach, garden, woods, etc. on a warm sunny day). Go there with your eyes closed and barefoot in your imagination. Feel you feet sinking into the sand or ground.  Feel the energy of Mother Earth rising up into your feet, legs, torso, arms and head.  Connect deeply with Mother Earth and inhale thru your nose, hold, then expel through tight lips slowly a few times (cleansing breath).


Now, ease yourself into your heart-space.  Feel yourself grounded and centered as you align with your heart. Take a few more cleansing breaths as you did before. Do this daily upon arising, at bedtime and anytime during the day when you feel out of sorts.

Creator has provided a...
NEW AWAKENING GIFT for humanity.


This is a a totally NEW gift from Creator.  This will include the previous "Creator's Enhanced Gift" and provide humanity an awakening to their true essence.  You will experience an upliftment beyond your previous limitations. 


This awakening will prepare you for your return to a being of light.


Included is "Creator's Enhanced Gift" providing enhancements specifically designed to resolve deeply embedded challenges at the physical, mental and emotional levels; resolve all hidden harmful entities; plus replace false beliefs with Creator's truth. 


A total upliftment and enhancement for everyone!

Compliment this with the Entity Removal (ER) process for optimal results.

This can also be "gifted" to others who are resistant to awakening and healing.  In the past this was not possible but Creator has overridden resistances with this awakening process to help loved ones, acquaintances and even political and public servants... anyone needing help.

To receive and share CREATOR'S AWAKENING GIFT please follow these steps:

1. Do the "cross-crawl" and "grounding/heart centering" exercises.

2. Set an intention from your heart to be open to receiving your blessing and intend your gifted ones to fully receive their blessings.

3. Eliminate distractions and remain calm while focusing on your heart space.

4. Select all the recipients who you choose to receive the NEW CREATOR'S AWAKENING GIFT.

5. You will receive a confirmation of acceptance and completion of your blessing via email.

May you be blessed,

Rev. Tom

Submit up to 6 recipients per order.

If you have paid and received the previous "Creator Enhanced Gift" you can upgrade to the new "Creator Awakening Gift" by checking the $100 box then inserting name #1.  For the second skip checking the $100 item and insert the 2nd name for a total of $100 for 2.

If you have not paid for the "Creator Enhanced Gift", it will be $100 for each participant.

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Recipant #4
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Healing call Wednesday evening
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Rating 5/5
I was on the above call. While Creator was working on us I felt my heart getting very warm and the warmth spread throughout my body. I slept really well last night.
Posted by Vicki S Verified Buyer
10/22/2020 - 06:58 PM
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