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Health Guide 2



"Tom, I come to you with feed-back. 


I confirm the fact that Light has increased in me, around me. And it continues.


- I’ve had a better understanding of the situation Creator and you helped me with (conflict with friend)

- In fact, I see the enlighted side of the situation. Love it! Like a 360 vision.

- I feel love, gratitude and joy in my heart

- And I observe a domino effect on other situations that were in the same kind of energies. At least 7! 


I really feel the upliftment, not only for myself but as an aggregate of rising energy for people around me and humanity. Just like Creator has reported in the presentation of the Elite membership! 


This is amazing. Wow! Infinite gratitude."


May you be blessed,




"I had the Ego cleanup last night and woke up feeling so peaceful. Incredible. I don't seem to get "triggered" emotionally like I used to. Things roll off my back, seems easier to not allow things to affect me. Thanks."



"Dear Tom and Lois, I want to thank you both for your work!  I am able to sleep much more soundly at nite.  Also I would have to say I am much calmer as a whole since the Wellness Checkup and Creators Awakening Gift.  Thank you so much." 




"Dear Tom & Lois - I've had all cleanings but the most recent Ego Cleanse, I really felt immediately. I feel sooooo humble today! Unbelievably amazing!  I've noticed a tempering and calming... Not nearly the anger I used to have.  May you be blessed!  Thank you both!  "



"Tom - the ego tuneup is amazing! I'm inclined to be nice (kill her with kindness) and it feels so good!!! Also chanting for her true nature to come through. Thank you again! "



"We are sleeping much better at night. I'm more relaxed." 



"I feel much better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My anxiety is much calmer. Thank You." 



I recently completed the first five cleansings and most recently the ego cleanse. I felt peaceful the next day and feel like I am truly becoming the person I was meant to be on this Earth. I have had many tragedies in my life and have never been resentful because I know the lessons I have learned and the strength I have gained. The cleanses have given me the confidence that I can face any challenge that comes my way. I am a much better person than I was six months ago. Thank you.


Awesome Blessing

I am so happy what the wellness treatment did for my whole body.  First of all something attacked my back.  I could barely walk, sleep and sit down.  I received a "Wellness Checkup" and "Creator's Awakening Gift".  I woke this morning and I got out of bed feeling so much better.  I went to work today.  I am walking normal and I can bend over.  Just want to thank Lois and Tom for this blessing!!!!!



Your sprays are phenomenal.  Everytime I run out of sorrow,and fear clear I am running back for more.   I have only had to use the anger clear twice in addition to therapy.  Your sprays work fast and make a very noticeable difference compared to other sprays I have used.


Immediate Positive Results

The employees of the local natural foods and products store in our town have been very enthusiastic about the BioRenew line, especially the AngerClear, FearClear, and SorrowClear.  They have tried the formulas themselves with success and have family members who have also benefited.  I was somewhat skeptical of their enthusiastic accounts since they, as retailers, had a vested interest in trying to give me a good impression of the products.  But I took a few minutes to complete the assessment of conditions that were indicators for each of these three negative emotions and discovered that I had a lot going on in the area of "Anger."  When I thought about it, I realized that this was something I knew already, but had avoided dealing with. 

I know that the human body stores within its cells the memory of all of our life experiences, including the bad and traumatic ones.  I have had some unfortunate experiences with severe trauma and I am familiar with its tendency to cause the body and memory to 'turn to stone,' so to speak  -  in other words, trauma can set up serious responses of inertia that result in our inability to be able to move past the traumatic incident and its physical and emotional consequences.  So I decided to try the "AngerClear" formula.

I tried to really pay attention to what was going on with my body and my feelings each time I took the formula.  Even after the very first dose, I had a definite experience of feeling like I was able to somewhat rise above the anger that I am now realizing has come to define such an integral part of my emotional landscape.  After the next dose, I had a real sense of things beginning to move and change within my body.  I am continuing to pay attention to my feelings and experiences as I keep taking the formula.  I feel like I am really on to something positive that is very helpful to me.

I'm not trying to present this formula as a 'magical elixir.'  I don't believe that it is appropriate to try to substitute 'substances' of any kind for the benefits that come from genuine emotional, mental and spiritual effort during the process of accepting responsibility for ones emotions and recovery.  But aids such as the "AngerClear" formula can be very helpful and beneficial along the path to overcoming
negativity and trying to recover ones optimum emotional health.


Shocking Results

HGH is wonderful! It has given my 49 year old body a total body transformation. I have been on the product for 9 months and people are shocked when I tell them that I will be 50 in a few months. I can't believe the results myself and I'm not even very much of a consistent gym go-er.  HGH is safe and natural. I highly recommend this product if you want to look and feel yonger, but mostly stay healthy.


Trim II

I have been using Real Trim II for less than a week and I can really tell a difference. I am working out up to two hours a day and still do not have much of an appetite. After taking it I feel strong and want to work out harder and longer. I am excited to see the results with ongoing use.


Miracle in a Bottle

My husband and I are both 38. We have three young children, and both suffer from chronic back problems. We invested in a bottle of BioRenew [Real HGH] on Dec.28,2009. Within minutes of our first spray, we immediately felt an amazing burst of much needed energy; and it keeps getting better!! My husband has noticed a great increase of muscular mass, more acute senses, better stamina, and weight loss...all in our first month!!! I, myself have noticed a greater sense of mental connection with my husband. Also we feel that there has been a slight increase in our overall height, it seems to be regenerating the discs in our spines!! This stuff is like a Miracle in a bottle. We're telling all our friends about it!!! And if it's possible, we'd like to become advocates for your products.

                      Joseph and Anathea C


Real HGH Results in 1 Week

I was really trying to find something that would work.  I was tired of the same old promises and stories. I decided to try BioRenew REAL HGH. I can tell you that I can't believe that I have only taken your product for a week and have these results. I have finally been able to sleep all night, everyone is commenting on how great my skin looks, my energy is consistent the whole day and my mood is elevated and calm.  This is only in a week! I have even seen some changes in my body (stomach area) which is really hard to get rid of at my age 42.  I will be looking forward to the results each wk as I see there are new changes and improvements to look forward to.  Thank you for this great product- One that truly does work! :)

Real HGH 7 Natural Hair Color

I just wanted to comment on your REAL HGH TRIPLE POTENCY.  I have used it now for 2 1/2 weeks now and have noticed sime increased energy...., but what is so amazing is my gray hair is turning back to its original color.  A week ago I needed to color my hair and I kept putting it off checking it and thinking I could go another day. A week later not only do I not have to color yet, but even my most stubborn hair areas around the temples that are the first to turn gray after coloring are totally back to their original color.  I still have some gray roots in places, but they are disappearing like everyday.  It's amazing!  I had read about that benefit, but I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself!  I can't wait to see what happens next as I continue to use.... Thanks for your wonderful product! 

Donna C 

Real HGH Mood Enhancement

I have used the Real HGH product for the past 6 weeks and boy how I have seen a great improvement in my mood swings and especially my sleep pattern. I would like to know how I can become a distributor.


Real HGH, Fear Clear, AngerClear, Sorrow Clear

 I read about the products on the site and decided to try all of them on Halloween day.  The claims seemed a little outrageous, but I decided to give them a try.  They arrived in 2 days and I started immediately.  The first thing I noticed after taking the Fear Clear, Anger Clear and Sorrow Clear with the Real HGH was that I was mellower.   Then surprisingly enough I had a spring in my step and navigated the stairs so easily.  Quickly the pain in my right hip started diminishing and at the present time is completely gone.  My body started changing.  My arms and legs started to go back to their more athletic shape without any more exercising.  All in all, I love them all , but my favorite right now is Real HGH.  I'm so much more alert and the others help my mellow attitude.  The "stuff" is dynamite. 

Thank you for introducing all the products to me.



Real HGH:
I am 60, and in two weeks my hair color is restored completely. My skin is changing, and I am loosing weight fast. I am very interested in helping to market your product. Is there an opportunity?


Real HGH:

I received my order a week ago and have just begun my second week with Biorenew's HGH product.  Already I feel more rested, more energetic, more optimistic.  I used to wake up with dark circles under my eyes.  After just one week they are gone!  I may be biased, but I think my face has a youthful glow.  I certainly feel better about myself.

I am a regular exerciser - weight lifter.  Already I've noticed more stamina on the treadmill and I'm able to work out longer and harder than before.  This product is great! 

Thank you so much.



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