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Rev. Tom Lawler BBA, MBCP

The first reported use of electricity in medicine was in 2750 BC. Several descriptions of therapeutic benefits, including pain control from exposure to the electric eel, were described by the Greeks in the first century.1 Around 1600, William Gilbert, an English physician, coined the word "electric" and established the difference between electricity and magnetism. In 1752, Johann Schaeffer published the book "Electrical Medicine."

Electrodermal (sublingual) testing and treatment techniques offer tremendous benefits and safety as compared to traditional invasive testing. Effective results often occur within minutes from the time support is started instead of taking months, years or never with more traditional approaches.

Electrodermal testing utilizes micro amounts of electromagnetic energy to trigger a biofeedback response detectable with very sensitive computerized equipment. It is now possible to electronically "view" the inner workings of your glands and organs non invasively - even from the comfort of your own home.

Incredible advancements in the emerging field of Bionetics has now made it possible to send a sample of your own DNA (via blood, urine, saliva, finger nail or even hair) to a state of the art testing laboratory for a BioScan. This computerized process can now accurately identify the underlying stressors in one's body that can precipitate disease. This process is so sensitive, as many as 10,000 stressors (toxins, bacteria, viruses, mold, etc.) can be identified years before they even appear as symptoms. Thus it is possible to both address active issues and prevent future issues before they may manifest as a symptom or disease.

Despite the wonderful progress in this technology, it hasn't been easy to get to where we are today. Around 1910, the Carnegie Foundation established a commission headed by Abraham Flexner, who relegated the well supported science of electrodiagnosis and electrotherapy devices to "quackery" in favor of the more lucrative drugs invested in by Carnegie. Anyone using these devices were cast as charlatans and thus the dominance today of drugs, surgery and radiation.

It has been estimated that only 10 to 20 percent of all procedures currently used in medical practice have been shown to be efficacious by controlled trials.2

"We are accustomed to having men jeer at what they do not understand."
Johan Wolfgang von Goethe, 1700's

In spite of the virtual disappearance of all electrical therapy, investigation has continued particularly by
Dr. Reinhold Voll, a German medical doctor in the early 1950's. He developed an electronic testing device (EAV) for finding acupuncture points electrically, known to Chinese acupuncturists for millennia. Voll then began a lifelong search to identify correlation's between disease states and changes in the electrical resistance of the various acupuncture points. He found, for example, that patients with lung cancer had abnormal readings on the acupuncture points referred to as lung points.3

EAV (electroacupuncture According to Voll) testing - A low voltage electrical charge is introduced into the body and the precise level of electric current conducted through the acupuncture points are measured. Various stimuli may be introduced and any change in electrical conductance at various acupuncture points provides useful diagnostic information.

BioScan (remote DNA resonant testing) - This procedure utilizes extremely sensitive EAV computerized equipment to accurately measure stressors in the body. It bombards the clients sample DNA (usually hair) with up to 10,000 frequencies to locate bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, chemicals, parasites, foods, allergies, dental materials, trees, weeds, pollens, inhalants, molds, yeast, fungus and many other substances that poison the environment today. These stressors and related deficiencies are identified in print form for the client along with the organs and glands affected by the stressors. Supplements are suggested that resonate with the test subject and homeopathics are customized to support the body to remove the stressors and return to homeostasis.

Comments by Dennis W. Remington, M.D.
"Acupuncture points have been known for thousands of years and the principles of electricity have been understood (at least somewhat) since before the 1600's. It has been known for many years that acupuncture points have different electrical conduction than the surrounding tissues. Changes in these electrical readings in conjunction with disease states have been investigated extensively. Using electrodiagnostic instruments for measuring allergy responses has been around for over 35 years. This technology has been studied and utilized around the world by thousands of doctors. Many studies including a number of double-blind studies have been done validating this procedure. The chances of these reporting results occurring by chance alone are one in many millions. Electrodiagnostic testing has many advantages and would certainly be useful in every hospital and in the office of every doctor who prescribes medications.

It is the belief of this writer that the use of electrodiagnostic testing fulfills all the requirements to be considered adequately proven including:

  1. A number of double-blind studies from various centers validating its efficacy.
  2. Experts in the field who deal with this technology acknowledging its usefulness and accuracy.
  3. Electrodiagnostic testing having been in use around the world for many years by thousands of medical doctors.

Because it has virtually no dangers and is very inexpensive, anyone who singles out this procedure for investigation above the myriad of medical procedures which are much less proven, more dangerous and more expensive, does so arbitrarily and capriciously and for reasons other than a concern for the patient's health and well being."3

About the author: Tom Lawler is the founder of BioRenew and the BioScan program. More information is available at 770-498-2886, or

Note by Rev. Tom Lawler

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3. Remington D MD: A History of Electrodermal Testing 1990; 1-10.


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