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Trauma & Dis-ease
Do we attract our own emotional traumas?
By Rev. Tom Lawler - Founder BioRenew & BioClear®

The first years of our life we move through four distinct stages:

  Age Stage
1)  0-2   (unconscious)
2)     2-6 (deep hypnosis)
3) 6-9 (light hypnosis)
4)  9-12 (full consciousness - age of reason)

During these stages we are slowly forming a filter in our RAS (reticular activating system) within our brain.  This filter is a repository of our beliefs. 

Event     Belief
I am hugged and nurtured.  I am loved
I am treated fairly and respected   I am worthy
I am abused.    I am not loved
I am ignored and invisible   I am worthless

These "feelings" or beliefs are quickly installed "emotionally" into our subconscious mind without any resistance before age 9.  Since our consciousness is still forming, we have no filter yet to screen out harmful feelings.  Indeed these early feelings become our filters for life. 

Once we reach the age of reason (9-12), our gates close and we now view the world through these filters that were created by our emotional experiences of our environment.  Most instrumental in this development are our mother and father (or the lack of either).

Once we reach our teen years and beyond, we simply process all stimulation through these established filters to discern if it "fits" our views.  If it passes through one of our filter beliefs, we accept it.  If it does not match a core belief, we reject it.  As adults, we continue the same process, often bringing similar misfortune in our lives over and over. 

For example:  If we have a belief that we are not loved, we cannot accept love from others.  What results is a rejection of sincere love and many struggles in our relationships. 

Do we create our own dis-ease?

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. (Stanford), has scientifically proven that genetic alterations to our own DNA code is done in response to a strong emotional experience.  When a negative emotion is experienced, it is trapped "energetically" in one or more of our organs or glands. Continued stress can diminish its function to a point of dis-ease.  Anger/anxiety can trigger neck problems; anger/bitterness can trigger eye problems, arthritis, ulcers, cancer and middle back; fear/anxiety can trigger aging, colitis, constipation and heartburn; sorrow/hopelessness can trigger heart and blood problems.  Every known disease has its origins in an emotional stress (Louise Hay).

Since everything is energy (Einstein), everything vibrates at a frequency - its own unique frequency.  Each element, each entity (humans, dogs, cats, worms, viruses, etc.) has a unique frequency.  Each of our organs and glands also has a unique frequency. 

When we are emotionally stressed (trauma) and it is not immediately resolved, it is repressed automatically to our sub-conscious and a negative energy cell is formed.  This negative energy cell forms in one of our organs or glands according to the type of emotion we feel.  For example, anger will affect the liver; resentment, the gallbladder; and loss of sweetness, the pancreas. 

If these stressors continue for months or years, serious energy disturbances can occur in that organ and gland reducing its function.  Additionally, since the body seeks homeostasis at all times, it wants its normal frequency in that organ.  If the body can't or won't release the emotional trauma, it starts energetically attracting toxins and parasites to that area of the body (Dr. Clark). 

However, this is done in a very selective manner.  The body is trying to regain the "normal" frequency of the health organ/gland.  Incredibly, what it attracts is a combination of a toxin and parasite whose energy frequencies together add up to the "normal" frequency of the stressed body part. 

In a very destructive way, the body has returned the body to its "normal" frequency.  Indeed, by holding on to our childhood and adult stresses, we have attracted our own dis-eases.

How Negative Emotions Are Released

This new technology (Energy Psychology) tells us that when a negative event occurs, our normally positive flow of energy relating to that emotion becomes short-circuited and a negative "energy cell" forms and lingers on for months, years or even a lifetime.  Using the BioClear® process, your trapped negative energy is painlessly and permanently released through your own meridians in a loving and compassionate manner.  Clients actually clear their own stressor under the direction of their certified practitioner. 
Even in a group, this process works while details of core negative feelings remain private.

3 Tests Reveal the Source of Emotional Blocks

BioClear® provides three tests to determine the underlying source of stress within your body. 

1)       Emotional Scan

After you register for a seminar or private session, your certified BioScan® practitioner will remotely scan your body with an FDA class II medical biofeedback device.  The computerized system will then report its findings:

  • Feelings most often felt:  fear, resentment, hate
  • Feelings needing resolution: homesickness, apprehension, caring
  • Top three stressors: likely issues needing resolution

2)   Physical History

300 questions of your physical history quickly reveal the association between your physical manifestations and their root emotional source.  Even hundreds of manifestations are triggered by only 3-5 root emotional stressors and are readily addressed. 

3)   Emotional Profile

48 key questions target where your stress tendencies originate.  These help you recognize what types of issues "set you off" and subsequently can be cleared.

A New Paradigm for Health

Each trauma in life that is not immediately resolved is repressed into an organ or gland.  This blocks the normal healthy energy in that area.  The body compensates by attracting negative toxins (physically and emotionally) to us. This combination has been verified at the source of every dis-ease tested by Dr. Hulda Clark.  The resulting stressors within this organ or gland (or joint) create dis-ease within the body.

By changing the negative belief system in a person to a positive one at the subconscious level changes your DNA to a healthier state.  Further, by releasing the energetic stress, the body no longer needs the toxins or parasites and begins to repel them much like reversing the polarity of a magnet.  The result is the body working for you instead of against you.  Spontaneous cellular rewriting frees the body to heal itself.


Freeing Yourself

If you are like most people, you have tried many modalities to improve your physical and emotional status,   be it fear, anger, relationships, job stress, ailments, grief, sorrow, anxiety or bad habits.  I would like you to experience the tremendous permanent freedom clients have received in just minutes with BioClear®.


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