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Health Guide 2
Stress Vaporization
Rev. Tom Lawler BBA, MBCP

Imagine a world at peace, no turmoil, no fighting and no stress. Pretty wild dream isn't it? Now imagine your life with no turmoil, fighting or stress. Even wilder? See yourself living with only positive energy guiding and directing your daily life with effortless ease. See yourself making empowering decisions, easily achieving goals, having great relationships with your friends, spouse, boss, customers, everyone. Now ease yourself back to reality for a moment and take a deep breath!

Too Good to be True?

I would like to introduce you to a process that is deceptively simple yet its possibilities appear endless. At a recent seminar, one lady had just lost a nephew in a car accident and couldn't release her deep trauma. She cleared in three minutes and her spirits lifted tremendously from the wonderful release.

Another lady had a driving phobia for years, in particular fearful of getting onto freeway ramps. In ten minutes her phobia was gone. When I check with her a few weeks later, she was completely confident driving and even was comfortably driving with her brother in law (which she would never have done before).

Other issues ranging from "feeling unloved", "I can't trust others", "neck pain", "I'm not worthy", "spouse issues" to "fears" all cleared. What was most interesting was once the trauma was identified, most stressors cleared in a few minutes - even lifelong stressors.

What's going on here?

For the last 20 years, a new technology has emerged and has gained prominence among leading psychiatrists, psychologists and healers worldwide. What has mesmerized these highly trained minds is that this new technology "actually works" in clearing lifelong emotional stressors.

This is neither talk therapy nor hiding feelings nor suppressing them: what we are seeing is permanent negative energy releasing from human beings - right before our eyes. The results range from subtle to amazing. I am seeing people who've spent thousands of dollars on therapy for ten to twenty years clear every issue presented in minutes.

What is Stress?

We've all had parents who didn't understand us. We've all had siblings who teased us, maybe to tears. Remember the schoolyard bully? How about the teacher who just had it in for you. The car accident, the prom disaster, the dating disasters. need I go on?

Traumas happened to all of us and continue to happen (September 11). Interestingly, Bruce Lipton, PhD (Stanford) confirms that every event since our inception has been recorded in our cellular memory. Some are positive (love, affection, attention, .) and some are negative (anger, fear, unworthiness, .). So just where does the body store these emotions? Have you ever listened to your heart or your gut? You're intuition was right.

Although, the brain processes the memory of the event, the EMOTIONS are actually stored in our organs and glands. For example, anger is stored in our liver, resentment in the gall bladder, sorrow and grief are stored in the lung.

One way of verifying this is through a process called the BioScan®. It measures energy flows through the human body using biofeedback. It sends micro amounts of electricity through the body's meridians and measures disruptions.

Interruptions can be physical substances (toxins or parasites) or emotional stress. Since each of the body's meridians flow through a single organ or gland, the source of the negative emotion can be identified.

The body's emotions and physical stresses are very tightly woven. Toxicity in the body can also stress vital systems giving us emotional dysfunction. Likewise, emotional stresses affect many body systems and can trigger physical distress.

Stress shows up in our lives in many ways: physical manifestations (disease), negative cravings, intense fears, phobias, anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, guilt, depression, low esteem and low performance to name a few.

The Body, Mind, Spirit Connection

The word "Holy" originates from the phrase "to be whole". Indeed our highest goal on this planet would appear to bring together our body, mind and spirit into synchronicity, oneness or wholeness.

When we are out of phase, we feel stress at some level - perhaps at all levels (body, mind and spirit). Our innate drive to reach homeostasis where what we think, feel and do are in complete harmony is a daily, yearly and lifelong challenge.

For most of us it seems like "mission impossible". We seem to bounce from one problem in life to another. It may be relationships one moment, then a physical problem the next and a deep longing for spiritual depth, love and acceptance. Many of us sought traditional therapy to resolve this imbalance in our lives.

Tell Me Your Life Story

The typical way these problems we're addressed for decades was to "tell me your life story". Although well intentioned, the success rate was low. Rarely did long lasting relief come from pouring out traumatic memories of fears, angers, guilt, grief and depression from this painfully slow process.

BioClear® can rapidly accelerate your progress in conjunction with any existing therapy.

In 1980 Dr. Callahan was working with a patient for an intense water phobia. She suffered from frequent headaches and terrifying nightmares, both of which were related to her fear of water.

After years of therapy with numerous therapists, she had made no headway. Dr. Callahan, out of curiosity, set aside conventional wisdom and tried something he had been studying - the body's energy system.

Since Mary had also complained of stomach pains, he tapped her under both eyes with his fingertips (this being the end point of the stomach meridian). To his astonishment, she announced immediately that her phobia was gone and she raced down to a nearby swimming pool and began throwing water in her face. No fear. No headaches. It all went away, including the nightmares. It has never returned. She was totally free of her water phobia.

How Negative Emotions Are Caused

This new technology (Energy Psychology) tells us that when a negative event occurs, our normally positive flow of energy relating to that emotion becomes short-circuited and a negative "energy cell" forms and lingers on for months, years or even a lifetime.

Releasing the Short Circuit

The BioClear® process releases trapped negative energy painlessly and permanently without confrontation in minutes as opposed to months or years with other techniques.

The practitioner working with the client addresses the behavior, the emotion and the cause, all in rapid succession utilizing the communication pathways of the body's acupuncture meridians. Even if the client does not know the cause, results are achieved through the same process by communicating (tapping) on the body's meridians.

While the client is focused on the negative emotion, the link is established to the root (negative energy cell) through the appropriate body's meridian even without the client's awareness. At this point, a very light tap on the meridian end point by the client will cause a "shift" or "release" within the client as the stored negative energy is dissipated. Client reactions vary from a "shift" to "a return to comfort" to "euphoria". Results are permanent. Often as one stress releases another window opens to allow release of yet another stress.

It can be used for phobias, fears, anxiety, depression, guilt and addictions to alcohol, drugs, smoking or food, improved health, sports performance, public speaking, self esteem, finances, rejection, trauma, grief, anger, cravings, health. virtually any stress.

As each stressor is identified, it can be cleared in minutes. During a single session many stressors can be cleared. Multiple sessions may be required for extensive stresses. Addictive substance behaviors often require multiple sessions until the physical cravings subside.

The Physical Connection

If all the BioClear® program did was release negative emotional energy that has devastated, inhibited and derailed clients dreams for a lifetime, in our clients words, the BioClear® program would be "amazing", "life changing", "wonderful" and "incredible".

When we observe the physical changes that can also occur after (or even during) a clearing you begin to understand at a deeper level how important our emotions are for our physical health.

Over 30 years of research has provided an incredible link between very specific types of stress and its propensity to trigger a specific ailment. Over 60 unique emotions have been correlated to approximately 300 unique physical ailments, diseases, conditions or habits. Each of these negative emotions, creates a stress somewhere in the body which becomes the origin of the condition.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, has studied the human DNA at Stanford and in his talks and writings have provided proof that our own DNA changes continuously. These changes are not random at all as conventional thinking has thought, but rather changes occur in response to our environment - physical and emotional. If we are exposed to toxins (a stressor), our DNA will change (or mutate) to this environmental stimuli, not randomly, but consistently the same way, according to the particular stressor. Even more astounding was his finding that our own "perceptions" also change our DNA through a sophisticated protein process.

Incredibly, our own beliefs actually alter our DNA. Here's an example to solidify your understanding. If a woman observes her mother die at age 40 of breast cancer and her sister died at age 40 of breast cancer and her grandmother did so also. odds are very good she has a belief that she too will accrue the same fate.

The belief I am referring to here is a sub-conscience belief. She may not even admit it verbally or even to herself. But at the feeling level (the gut), she may have a core belief that she too will die of breast cancer at age 40. Indeed, with this belief, she has actually programmed her own DNA to "turn off" it's defense system against breast cancer.

That is how powerful the mind is. Of course, by now you are asking, what if we simply change the core belief to a supportive belief? Would the body respond positively in a similar manner and produce the changes necessary to support and possibly heal itself? Dr. Lipton has found this to be exactly the case.

By removing the emotional blocks and stressors, the body can return to doing the job it was designed to do. Change the belief (I'm not loved. to . I am loved) and the body immediately moves toward homeostasis. Change a few more core negatives to supportive beliefs and the body responds even more favorably.

Please keep in mind, BioClear® is not intended to treat, diagnose or cure disease. BioClear® is "Energy Psychology". Think of it this way. If there is a blockage in an energy pathway to the liver (anger), the liver is not likely to be able to fully process (detoxify) your body.

Your body then starts to accumulate toxins in various organs and glands, thus creating yet another stress in the body.

Dr. H. Clark, PhD further tells us that parasites in our everyday diets feed on toxins. This is natures way of recycling decaying (toxic) matter. The food for the parasites (flukes, worms, .) are the toxins in our body. Once the larger parasites find their way to the toxic organ, they release their infestations (bacteria who in turn may be infected by viruses). Now we have the beginning is a diseased organ/gland or joint.

To summarize this process: a trauma triggers an emotional stress; the stress reduces the functioning of an organ or gland; the weakened organ/gland can no longer perform its tasks fully; toxins find their way to the weakened organ/gland; parasites find their way to their food source (toxins); the Trojan horses (flukes and worms) deposit their load of bacteria/viruses in the weakened organ/gland; the onset of disease begins.

It would be logical to presume that by releasing the emotional toxins from their respective organs, it would improve the odds of the body healing itself.

Note by Rev. Tom Lawler

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