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 Praise for Real HGH® 
"I was introduced to HGH in April, 2000. I consider myself to be in good physical condition at 41 years of age. I took the self-test in Dr. Ronald Klatz book, and although I scored rather low, indicating a low need for HGH, I thought I would try this product. At the time I was taking Claritin, due to the high pollen count in Atlanta , and still needing antihistamines in the afternoon to breathe. Additionally, being post-menopausal, I was taking Melatonin to help me sleep at night.

In the first 24 hours of using HGH I stopped taking the Melatonin and the Claritin. I have not had an antihistamine, a dose of Claritin, or any Melatonin since. I immediately noticed an increase in energy. I have never been a person who jumps out of bed in the morning racing with energy and clarity of mind. I am now, thanks to HGH. The next thing I noticed was I no longer craving boardem foods. My vices, ie: Smoking and drinking alcohol were curbed without a conscience effort. My libido increased.

After about six weeks on HGH, I noticed my post-menopausal belly was flattened. Exercise and diet had not given me the desired results that HGH did. The thin layer of cellulite on my upper thighs is gone. Suddenly I was fitting into clothes I had not worn in years. I feel younger. I look sexier. Mentally I am more centered. Emotional lows no longer exist, except for the four days that I went without HGH because I ran out. Never again!

I love this product and would recommend it to anyone who is not 100% ecstatic with themselves physically, mentally and/or emotionally."

Rene' Mitchell (Female, 41)
Roswell , GA

Before I tried your product I have consistently and never before endorsed a product. I am 6 times American Chess Association, over the board champion and lost the WCF world title match last year to the computer that also beat Kasparov back in 97. I am also 4 time World correspondence chess by mail champion, 2 times WCCF and 2 times MENSA.

Prior to getting a couple bottles {of HGH} I have suffered since youth from chronic fatigue had never gone more than two months without coming down sick with something, I caught everything, flu, pneumonia, colds, etc. that went around. Since I began using this product I have not been sick a day. I went from 240 to 165 pounds not trying but the increased energy let me exercise 5-6 days a week and I enjoy it. So much for rheumatoid arthritis I have no more joint pains and improved flexibility cutting toenails and touching toes now is no problem. Within a week I slept straight thru till morning whereas in past I would wake several times a night. I no longer have gray hair but nice dark brown as in my youth (which is also now!) Also I got worried that I was suffering a side effect of blurred vision so I went to my optometrist and found my vision had gone from 20/200 to 20/40! So it was a good time I got new glasses and contact lenses at the same time!

Tom this product changed my health and my life and I am grateful. This stuff has taken 30 years off my appearance people tell me. Many ask if I am the son of the Stan Vaughan who won the gold in International student Olympiad for chess back in 1980!

Grandmaster Stan Vaughan (Male)
Las Vegas , NV

Thanks! I'll be ordering more when I get back in the states!! That stuff really works!! I've lost 18 lbs and everyone says I look 10 years younger!! My muscle mass is so much better and well defined!! THANKS!!!!

Please send me more!!! This is my 4th order! Great Stuff!

Aaron Aubrey (Female)
Las Angeles , CA

I started using your REAL HGH in June, 2002. After three weeks I noticed a healthy hair regrowth on my two bald spots on the back of my head, even my barber commented. At this point the BioRenew Real HGH had exceeded my expectations of it. Any product that can restore my hair this way has my full approval.

Within these three weeks my skin texture changed and became firm. Now four weeks since I started on this product my gut has firmed and muscles have toned up quite nicely. I am more focused. I sleep deep and sound. For the last 14 years I could not read without my contact lenses, but now I can read very well without them. I guess I need to get a lighter lens prescription soon.

Overall I feel very healthy and energetic. Thanks to BIORENEW REAL HGH. I will recommend it to anyone anytime.

J. Dewa, Lilburn , GA. ( Male 44)

Real HGH is an amazing substance that has been shown to have benefits that have the potential

to turn back the clock on may conditions that we take for granted in the aging process.

Dr. Priscilla Johnson, N.D.

Real HGH has changed my life. In the first 90 days, my strength doubled. I work out regularly and easily measured a two-fold increase in my weights. My recovery time after workouts, also reduced to half what it had been. After 30 years of wearing glasses, I can now pass my drivers test without my glasses. 80 percent of my gray hair has returned to it's natural color in the 6 th month of use. My memory improved noticeably in the second month and my flexibility has improved greatly. Great product.

Tom Lawler, GA (Male 58)

Real HGH is really great, the best product I've tried. Within my first bottle I saw results.
More energy, better attitude, my whole body is rejuvenated. My complexion is better and I've received many complements.

Wanda M. (Female)
Tulsa , OK

Real HGH! I love it!

I have more energy, I look younger, and I see a little reduction in body fat. Dryness of the eyes has disappeared. This is such a great product!


I absolutely love your product. I do feel a difference already in using the product! (Real HGH)

Thank you,

Darla Tarr


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