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 Praise For BioScan® 

This testing saved my son's life.

After 15 months of struggling with what the medical doctors called "severe emotional stress", they wanted to institutionalize him and give him strong drugs. His condition at it's worst did not allow my son to even add two plus two nor did he know how old he was.

I discovered this technology and found my son had aluminum toxicity, plus lead, mercury, arsenic and pesticide poisoning. Pesticides attack the nervous system and created the psychotic imaginings in my son. He spent 30 sessions in hypnotherapy before we discovered this cause. His memory issues were from the aluminum toxicity that works it's way into the brain and causes brain tangles and disrupts communications (medical doctors call this Alzheimer's - He was stage 5 of 7).

After 3 months on the detoxification and support program, he made a miraculous recovery and continued to reverse the debilitating effects. After 6 months he has virtually normal and in 9 months he was completely over it and had returned to Georgia Tech to continue his education. He is doing wonderfully as a computer science and co-op student building web sites as part of his co-op job. He has no residual effects at all and was the one who said to me on his recovery ". we need to tell people about this."

We are forever grateful for this technology and to have our son back.

T. L. Stone Mountain, GA


I had my first Scan in June, 2000. I had been experiencing unexplained episodes of diarrhea for the past two years. It was progressively getting worse and began to occur two to three times a week. I was afraid to go places where I wouldn't be near restrooms. I changed the route I drive to work so that I would be sure to pass the most gas stations with clean restrooms. It was beginning to control my life.

After my first Scan I was put on detoxification program for my liver. I noticed an improvement in the occurrences of diarrhea but was still having some episodes. The second Scan indicated a yeast growth in my intestines so I was put on a thirty-day yeast cleanse. I finished the yeast cleanse in August of 2000, five months ago, and I have not had one episode of diarrhea since. I am eternally grateful for being introduced to Chris and the Scan.

I am convinced that the Scan is the best approach to dealing with and correcting the majority of health issues that we face. Instead of covering up the symptoms with drugs, the Scan will identify the cause of the problem, and Chris will recommend the's that easy!

Thank You,
Diane Stowell Atlanta, GA


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