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Power Plays III

BioNews from my friend Dr. Bob,

What's the number one thing that stops a power play?

Some people believe whenever you get a group of people together eventually they will get into power plays. I agree with that idea, but also believe there is a way to stay out of power plays. In my experience there are two reasons people get into power plays. The first reason is that their ego is much too big and causes them to be overly concerned with position and personal status. The second reason is fear; they can't afford to let anyone get too far ahead of them so they're compelled to protect their turf.

Secure people use their energy in much better ways; like focusing on accomplishing goals through other people. Insecure people waste energy on power plays, often at the expense of others.

Energy Performance Tip: I was talking with a client this week who I consider a strong leader. He and I were discussing some differences of opinion he has with one of his associates. He recognized that he was indirectly wasting energy on this situation. I was impressed, but not surprised, when he told me he was going to talk with this person about how he wanted the relationship to be different. That's exactly what using energy in a positive way is all about. He took the initiative to talk with this person rather than continue to let the differences drain his energy.

So, what's the number one thing that will prevent power plays? The obvious answer is "YOU ARE!" All power plays require two people to carry them out. When you refuse to participate there IS no power play. The result will be more energy for the things that are most important.

"The greatest success is successful self-acceptance."- Ben Sweet

"We judge ourselves by our motives and others by their actions." - Dwight Morrow

"What I've learned about being angry with people is that it generally hurts you more than it hurts them."- Oprah Winfrey

Energy Development Tip: Do you have anyone that you are wasting your energy on? I'd suggest you do as my client and make personal contact with them about improving the relationship. If you choose not to do that at least choose not to participate, directly or indirectly, in any power plays with that person. You'll find you have a great deal more energy for other things.

"The important thing is not what they think of me, it is what I think of them."- Victoria, Queen of England

Have a great week,

Dr. Bob

For more ways to restore positive energy easily and naturally, join us this Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern at 507-726-3300 pin 66965#.

Rev. Tom



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