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Rev. Tom Lawler
Founder, BioRenew, Inc.
"The contamination of our world is not alone a matter of mass spraying. Indeed, for most of us this is of less importance than the innumerable small scale exposures to which we are subjected day by day, year after year. Like the constant dripping of water that in turn wears away the hardest stone, this birth - to- death contact with dangerous chemicals may in the end prove disastrous. Each of these recurrent exposures, no matter how slight, contributes to the progressive buildup of chemicals in our bodies and so too cumulative poisoning"
- Rachel Carson, Silent Spring

It is 1997and I am starring into my oldest son's eyes again today asking for the thousandth time - what happened? He was a super bright GA Tech freshman just months ago - earning a Dean's scholarship with all the promise in the world. A young man who was years ahead in his math skills completing calculus as a Junior in high school and a straight A student, who today cannot even add 2 plus 2 nor does he know how old he is. He can not communicate a simple thought without several minutes or hours of vigilant attention. He can not drive or even eat without constant coaching. With his grieving mother at my side, we looked into two unfocused eyes and think but dare not say - will he be a vegetable his entire life?

His first quarter at GA Tech he made Dean's list while living in old Glen Hall. Do you remember the Olympics of 1996? GA Tech hosted that event, the official Olympic Village.

That winter, Michael was moved into one of the almost finished new Olympic dorms. Wow, new carpeting, tile, drapes and newly sprayed for bugs. What more could he ask? As the quarter progressed Michael began withdrawing from communication and began spending extraordinarily longer hours studying. These were the first indicators something was wrong. His quarter grades tumbled. Our hearts sank the next quarter when Michael withdrew, officially stating "I can't focus".

The next fall he enrolled at UGA. By Thanksgiving he was 100's of pages behind and had zero comprehension. Michael could read the words but could not understand their meaning even at "Dick and Jane" level nor could he add simple numbers in his checkbook. The UGA doctors pronounced Michael had "flipped out", was severely psychotic and should be institutionalized and likely needed heavy drugs.

Not my son! I shut down my business and never left his side for 16 hours a day. After 15 months, 30 hypnotherapy sessions and thousands of dollars of supplements later he had improved about half way. I was reading every natural healing book I could find, and taking every supplement that promised stress relieve and improved memory. A $1600 MRI proved nothing. All the medical doctors wanted to do was give drugs. Michael was still emotionally locked up over trivial incidents from students, teachers and girls at Tech and UGA.

The answers finally came in the office of a naturopath. The VEGA system found Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum and Pesticides! His new campus housing had likely been sprayed with pesticides; new carpets, drapes and furniture are often coated with stain resistants laced with arsenic. What substances could have given him the mercury and lead? He had no fillings, could it have been his MMR vaccination within a mercury base? The aluminum and associated zirconium are found in most every deodorant and had likely been self inflicting this since age 13. He later reported this was around the time he first started fearing people. Reports on pesticides also confirm they attack the nervous system producing out of control (fear) feelings and they remove the shield we naturally have to discern truth from falsehoods, fact from fiction.

Michael had stage 5 Alzheimer's. There are only 7 stages of Alzheimer's, then you die. There is no cure. if you believe the authorities. We didn't. A wonderful book by Drs. Casdorf and Walker, "Toxic Metal Syndrome" dispels the myths about Alzheimer's. Yes it is aluminum. Despite the studies done by the aluminum industry, the independent reports prove aluminum is the primary causative. Chelated patients indeed reversed. Michael did not use chelation, he took a combination of homeopathics, vitamins, detoxifiers and most importantly MSM (My Son's Miracle).

Within six months on this program he relearned all his math books from the second grade through Calculus then taught himself the C programming language and was back at GA Tech the next Spring. Today Michael builds web pages as a co-op student while doing great pursuing his Computer Science degree. He is very sociable, is active in Campus Christian Fellowship and has fully regained all his mental faculties.

Dr. Hulda Clark states "All disease is caused by only two things. toxins and parasites". Today with his son's encouragement, Tom has formed a company, BioRenew, that tests and provides people a comprehensive mail-in BioScan® program to prevent and remove toxicity and parasites using custom designed homeopathic protocols. This advanced FDA certified technology tests up to 10,000 toxins and parasites and empowers the individual to proactively address these influences.

Additionally, every emotional trauma (age 13 for Michael) puts a stress on an organ or gland in the body and energetically attracts toxins and parasites to that area (Dr. Bruce Lipton). Removing these emotional stresses returns the body's natural energy and further supports the body's healing by energetically repelling these toxins and parasites. Clearing these negative emotions is a rapid process using the BioClear® system.

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