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Leadership and Happiness


Do you consider the "happiness" of your people?

One of our son's is working for a Cruise line. Each Saturday Nathan and I touch base to see what part of the world he is
in and how things are going. In our last phone conversation he said that he had a meeting with his corporate boss within
the past week. One of the topics of discussion was Nathan's next position on the ship. I was impressed when he told me
that his boss was concerned with Nathan's happiness. He went on to tell my son that happiness is an important part
of success.

Energy Performance Tip: This short, but inspiring conversation with my son reminded me of a research project
I was assigned by a plant manager. He wanted to know the longevity of plant managers at his facility and asked me to
do the research. The longevity of the managers is not important for our purposes, but the characteristics of those
long-term plant managers is important. The first four characteristics that contributed to their success was:

1 - A sincere interest for the people and the job.
2 - An understanding of the industry.
3 - They knew the operators and was a good listener.
4 - Got out into the factory early, walked around talking
to people, and then went to the office.

I think it's safe to say that successful leaders and managers are those who are concerned about the
"happiness" of their employees. They call their employees by name and know something personal about them. Despite
disagreement, being personal does not at all limit leaders from having high standards and holding people accountable.
In fact, people tend to response favorably to standards and accountability when they know the leader takes the time to
get to know them.

"The path of leadership transformation is a journey from control and domination to one of inspiration and service.
- Kevin Cashman

"If a leader demonstrates competency, genuine concern for others, and admirable character, people will follow."
- T. Richard Chase

"It is wonderful when the people believe in their leader: but it is more wonderful when the leader believes in
the people."
- John C. Maxwell

Energy Development Tip: If you want to help your people use their talents and achieve their goals make it a point this
week to do some "personal discovery." Find out something personal about five employees, shake someone's hand, or
give someone a pat on the back. One of my mentor's once told me, "People don't care how much you know until they
know how much you care." Good advice if you want to increase the personal and enterprise energy of your

"We have to undo a one hundred-year-old concept and convince our managers that their role is not to control
people and stay "on top" of things, but rather to guide, energize and excite them."
- Jack Welch, Former CEO, General Electric

"The number one leadership skill is the ability to develop others."
- Tom Peters

"To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it."
- Mother Teresa

Have a great "Energy" filled week,

Best to you all,

Dr. Bob

Dr.Robert A.Rausch,
1 Executive Energy
Ph: 903-832-1308
Cell: 318-218-3036
"If all Matter is Energy,
then Energy Matters."


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