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Bio for founder Tom Lawler

Tom began his corporate career in 1968 as a financial lender, then joined NCR in 1974 where he successfully implemented some of the country's first supermarket scanning systems. He moved to Atlanta in 1984 with Federated Department Stores. Tom later completed his fortune 500 career with Fujitsu Systems of America as a senior Systems Engineer.  Tom is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin with an MIS degree and later received his divinity degree from Universal Brotherhood.

Dissatisfied with corporate politics, in 1992 he set out to create a new innovative business to consumer telecommunications system before the internet’s existence.  In 1996 Tom's oldest son (then 18) became very ill at college. His son being an honor student on the Dean’s List at Georgia Tech prior to his brain fog and confusion pushed Tom to launch a new mission to find a solution. After 15 months (6000 hours) of research and persistence, a true healing solution was discovered. Utilizing electronic testing (EAV technology) his son’s diagnosis was toxicity from lead, mercury, arsenic, aluminum and pesticides.  Today, many call this Alzheimer’s disease (aluminum in the brain, he was stage 5), but in six month’s he returned to Georgia Tech and graduated with high scores in his final year and has had 100% recovery.

The miracle he had sought brought the founding of With a deeper understanding of the role of releasing toxins from our bodies, BioScan was launched in 1999. Tom then explored the even more important role of emotional stress release and created BioClear (2000), TeleClear (2004) and Quantum Energetics (2006) and discovered that the emotions are paramount to either attracting or repelling toxins. 

He discovered a one to one correlation of each physical manifestation from colds to cancer to its roots in an unresolved emotional trauma.  The body stores these energy disturbances in specific organs, glands and joints reducing the body’s natural functions which can then lead to dis-ease. The Quantum Energetics program blends Energy Psychology, Eastern body energy and Quantum Physics to allow the body to release even lifelong childhood emotional stresses permanently. Emotional testing further identifies the stressors' and functions as a roadmap in the removal of negative energy. 

BioRenew now produces highly effective Homeopathic remedies to support physical and emotional healing. BioRenew products are sold by retailers in the health food industry and are currently sold throughout the country. BioRenew products are developed with sophisticated biofeedback equipment to assure optimal efficacy and safety. Additionally, every product is pre-tested against competitive products and must outperform all before being released to the public.

The BioScan® program delivers an in-depth analysis of the physical body, which identifies the physical stressors. BioScan® tests up to 10,000 internal body stressors (toxins and parasites) which are linked to every known disease. Removal of these stressors has produced life-changing improvements for clients.  Homeopathic remedies are customized to each client's needs to assist the body in removing the physical stressors and support healing.

Tom has also appeared on radio talk shows, has authored numerous articles for publication, lectures and provides a weekly live conference call.  Tom actively facilitates groups weekly via free information calls and weekly phone group clearing sessions. Free weekly calls are Wednesdays at 9 PM Eastern.  404-920-6610 PIN 556010#. 

During Tom’s long and expensive research, he exhausted his financial resources and went deeply in debt.  So in 2002 while attempting to recover financially he discovered that banks do not and can not loan their own money or credit.  He then began his research on the deceptive banking industry leading to founding Freedom Club USA in 2004.  From this beginning he has created an extensive online library at and formed a network of researchers and consultants who now show members how to become truly debt free with their new knowledge.

Tom does weekly live financial calls each Monday at 9 PM Eastern to explain this program.  404-920-6610 PIN 556010#.



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