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Fighting Wolves
Rev. Tom Lawler BBA, MBCP

An old Cherokee is telling his grandson about a fight that is going on inside him. He said it is between two wolves:

One is evil, with anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.

The other is good with joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith.

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf wins?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one I feed."

author unknown


The grandson thought again and asked his grandfather, "I too have tried to starve my angry and hurtful feelings, but they return time and again."

The old Cherokee replied, "You are wise to recognize your feelings. Of your two wolves, one is your white wolf representing matters of self love, acceptance, acknowledgement, respect and esteem. This white wolf is your guide to your desires. Listen to him through your inner voice. He will guide you through your efforts.

"Your black wolf is both blind and mute. As such, he cannot talk to you as does your white wolf. He can only feel for you and express his feelings. He deeply feels all the pleasures and all the pain from your life. He can only respond to you with these feelings, both good and bad."

The grandson again asked his grandfather, "I understand, my white wolf wants one thing but my black wolf sometimes feels something else. Something I do not like".

The old Cherokee replied, "You learn quickly."

The grandson now asked, "Grandfather, I find it very hard many times to override my black wolf feelings. Sometimes, these feelings last for days. How did my black wolf get these feelings?"

The old Cherokee thought deeply for a few moments, "When you were very young, many things happened to you. There was the time you were lost in the woods for many days and your black wolf learned to feel abandoned. Another time you were scolded for taking your brother's things (which you did not) and you felt betrayed. Later when your parents attention shifted to your younger brother you felt loss of love and worth. These feelings are all deeply felt by your black wolf and will be with you your entire life."

The grandson asked, "I do not like these bad feelings. Is there not a way I can remove these?

The old Cherokee again pondered, "There is a way."

The grandson asked, "Please tell me grandfather. I will do anything to bring peace to black wolf".

Again, the old Cherokee responded, "When white wolf and black wolf are at war, there can only be one winner. Your white wolf will fight mightily for a while and it might appear that he will win. He can overcome many great battles for a short time. But he will tire. Eventually, he will fall to the long term strength of black wolf."

The grandson again asked, "But grandfather you told me there is a way for white wolf to win. Please tell me how."

The old Cherokee took a deep breath and replied, "Patience. While you were very young, before you saw 9 winters, black wolf was given his feelings not by you but by events that made him feel love, anger, fear or sorrow. Black wolf at that age simply froze those feelings. Even though he felt much deep hurt he could neither talk to you nor let these go. His only way to let you know his deep hurt was the nagging hurtful feelings he shared with you."

The grandson spoke, "Yes, grandfather, I feel them often. I wish they would go away."

The old Cherokee continued, "By the time you had passed your 9th winter, white wolf had learned enough to make his own choices. By age 12 you became a man but black wolf was still a pup.

White wolf was growing stronger every day and learning the ways of the world. Black wolf will always stay young as a pup and will forever seek fun and pleasure. Fun and pleasure can only be found when sad, angry and fearful feelings are not present. Black wolf wants to feel good but his old bad feelings stop him from his fun. You feel his pain and you feel his joy."

The grandson son asked, "Can I trade these bad feelings for good feelings?"

Again the old Cherokee took a deep breath, "Yes, let me tell you how. You, I, all people, the earth and the spirit are unified. I have meditated deeply and have seen a vision. This vision tells me of fields of vibrations coming from each of us. These are gentle vibrations we cannot hear or see but black wolf can feel them. When he feels good feelings the vibrations are high and strong but when he feels bad feelings, the vibrations are low and weak. Weak vibrations take away your strength and reduce you to the buzzard. Strong vibrations strengthen you and raise your spirit to soar like the eagle.

"When you feel bad, black wolf remembers an old hurt before your 9th winter. White wolf would also like black wolf to let go of this hurt. Now gather five rocks:

1. "Touch rock one and tell black wolf you understand his pain.
2. Touch rock two and tell black wolf you now choose a new feeling.
3. Touch rock three and tell black wolf the new feeling you choose.
4. Touch rock four and gently tap these vibration points I am touching.
5. Touch rock five and repeat this process three times.
6. Now take this Black Wolf vibrational water."

The grandson was mystified and asked, "Grandfather, I do not understand. How can this gentle tapping and vibration water release my bad feelings?"

The old Cherokee raised his eyebrows and sighed, "Feed black wolf the same food as white wolf."

Today, there are incredible changes rapidly happening with lifelong traumas using Energy Psychology. Dozens of methods now exist today that address all aspects of anger, fear and sorrow. Issues that before this advancement may have taken years to resolve (if ever). These are now handled routinely in one to three sessions.

Three new cutting edge products now available include AngerClear®, FearClear ® and SorrowClear®. These highly effective "vibrational" products work well in conjunction with all energy release procedures or stand alone.

Both products and procedure are a drugless opportunity for deep healing. Recent advancements in sophisticated testing also isolate the body's connection with physical ailments and their root negative emotion (trauma). Further testing identifies specific emotional components triggering the stress.

Yet another test is incredibly fascinating: there exists an energy procedure that uses quantum physics that can scan a client anywhere in the world from one central point. Yes, you read correctly, the client does not even have to be there. I have seen it done and the accuracy is amazing. Clients are often stunned and ask, "How did you know that?" This report is one page and identifies what the client's own subconscious body (black wolf) is trying to resolve. Three detailed paragraphs provide the client and practitioner major insight as to the underlying root issues.

The clearing procedure described by the "old Cherokee" parallels one of BioClear® program plus includes all of the testing described above. Energy psychology has blossomed so significantly in recent years, there is now an international association (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology - ACEP) that has established itself as the leader in this industry.

Note by Rev. Tom Lawler

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