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Emotional Toxins

How we Create our own Diseases
by Rev. Tom Lawler BBA, MBCP

So what does trigger disease? 100 years ago the odds of acquiring cancer in a lifetime was 1 in 6000. Today for a man it's 1 in 3 and for a woman it's 1 in 2! We spend ever more research dollars on treating disease with apparent lessening results.

The Allopathic Approach
Over the years, many Americans adopted and settled for a shortsighted approach to healing. The custom of treating symptoms overshadowed the search for and treatment of the body's founding stress sources. Imagine taking your car to a shop for an engine knock and the mechanic, unable to resolve the problem, first suggests numerous expensive additives (drugs), and then suggests replacing the carburetor or fuel injector (surgery).

The Nutritional Approach
The second mechanic digs a little deeper and sees the problem is contaminated fuel (toxins), low grade oil (nutrient deficiency) plus clogged filters (poor diet). You begin taking a variety of supplement, change your diet and indeed you start to feel better. maybe!

The Energy Approach
The body absolutely needs good nutrition - we are a physical being. But we are also an emotional, spiritual and energetic being. Have you had your daily allowance of Vitamin E(nergy)?

Enter Energy Psychology
I recently attended the international ACEP (Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology) conference in Phoenix with 450 top energy practitioners from 11 countries. Half the group are psychologists and psychiatrists while the remainder are energy workers with dazzling capabilities. They all had one intent - to openly share their gifts, knowledge, discoveries and energy with like minded persons. Conference speakers included Donna Eden, Bruce Lipton PhD, Lee Pulos PhD and 50 other highly credible energy workers.

Enter DNA
Pre-conference speaker, Bruce Lipton, PhD, Stanford opened the flood gates of change with his biological proof that even our own DNA is re-written by our emotions (both negative and positive). For example, if you truly believe you will die of breast cancer, your body will turn off components of your own DNA that protect you from breast cancer. Indeed, you just programmed yourself for breast cancer!

Enter Energy
Einstein taught us that everything is energy and has a frequency. So also is the case with each organ and gland in our body. Each vibrates at its own unique frequency. When we have healthy organs and glands, they vibrate at their healthy frequency, perform their tasks, and we feel good.

Enter Emotional Toxins
When we have emotional traumas (fears, anger, relationships, job stress, grief, sorrow, anxiety) we place a negative energy stress on one or several of our organs and glands (Louise Hay). This negative energy immediately alters the vibrational frequency (reduces the effectiveness) of those organs or glands. For example, if anger is the
emotion, the liver is the primary organ affected. With liver stress, poor detoxification occurs, toxins buildup and the beginning of disease or more properly "dis-ease" is underway.

Enter Physical Toxins
Now that the body is compromised by a weakened DNA code and stressed organs or glands, the body starts to attract physical toxins. Negative emotional toxins now attract physical toxins from the environment (heavy metals, benzene, isopropyl alcohol, etc.). According to the work of H. Clark ND, PhD, the attraction is energetic. The compromised body part now vibrates at an altered frequency and attracts a toxin that partly completes the healthy organ/gland's frequency.

Enter Parasites
Our bodies are continually attempting to reach homeostasis. The toxin partly balances the frequency but not fully, and it now attracts the complementary frequency of a negative substance to return it to its native frequency. Oddly, the matching frequency often is a parasite (fluke, worm, virus, bacteria) that is attracted to the distressed area. Not only will the parasite find a food source (the physical toxin), its energy will complement the missing
frequency. Thus, in a dangerous way, energy balance has been achieved.

Enter Disease
As long as the emotional stress continues to compromise the organ's native frequency, the body continues to attract physical toxins and parasites, thus perpetuating the dis-ease.

Enter Healing
It now becomes intuitive that releasing the emotional energy "blocks" would immediately release the negative energy and the process of dis-ease would reverse. The body would begin healing itself and purge the unneeded parasites and toxins. This is precisely what is being observed again and again and why energy psychology is opening a whole new frontier in healing.

Great strides have been made in the last 20 years from Dr. Callahan's discoveries (TFT), to Gary Craig's EFT, Chinese Qigong, Tapas Fleming's TAT, Larry Nims BSFF to an immense number of variations including NLP and BioClear®. Energy healing works. It's fast, safe and permanent. It is possible to clear emotional stress from traumas of childhood to adulthood often in a single visit.

Rev. Tom Lawler, BBA, MBCP is the founder of BioRenew and the BioClear® process. He does group and private clearings around the country and is based in Atlanta, GA. 770-498-2886;;

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