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Have you ever wished for the capability to gaze into your body and view what is causing your fatigue, illness, or even your emotional distress?

Before now, the search for underlying sources of illness involved a lengthy process of piecing together details from all facets of life. Over the years, many Americans adopted and settled for a short-sighted approach to healing. The custom of treating symptoms overshadowed the search for, and treatment of the body's founding stress sources.

As symptoms persisted, ever stronger drugs were sought to suppress the symptoms; and when those failed, surgery or radiation was often pursued.

An analogy to car mechanics further illustrates these methods of health care. Imagine taking your car to a shop for an engine knock and the mechanic, unable to resolve the problem, first suggests numerous expensive additives (drugs), and then suggests replacing the carburetor or fuel injector (surgery). Curious as to what is actually causing the engine to knock, you take the time to go to another shop. The second mechanic digs a little deeper and sees the problem is contaminated fuel (toxins), low grade oil (nutrient deficiency) plus clogged filters (poor diet).

Advancements in technology like the MRI and fiber-optics cameras provided impeccable short cuts to identifying and understanding, the roots of body stress. Now another advancement, following the principles of holistic medicine and utilizing a completely non-intrusive method, enables practitioners to see into the body and spot the cause of your stresses. BioRenew® provides testing with an FDA registered medical device called the BodyScan®. This virtual window into your body enables trained technicians to identify stresses. The ability to identify stress imbalances at this level provides an ideal opportunity for preventative and corrective stress management.

Understanding the Technology

Around 1950, Dr. Voll, a well know German physician, became fascinated with the Chinese model of medicine and began to investigate the ways of measuring the energy flow thru the acupuncture meridians. Over time, after testing many people, he and his associates were able to determine the body's vital life force and its access points, or meridians, through which this energy force can be calculated. After nearly forty years of research into measuring the vitality of the body, modern day science calls this process biofeedback.

This biofeedback technology has now been dramatically improved with the BioScan® process very accurately measuring and recording energy demands in the body's various systems. In conjunction with biofeedback, the BioScan® employs the newly evolving science of Bionetics. Bionetics communicates with the body by administering minute electrical impulses. By analogy, as a few cells of a sheep have the innate intelligence to recreate an entire sheep (cloning), your hair sample represents your entire being.

During the BioScan® testing, thousands of micro-frequencies are discharged to test the relative energy demands on various systems of your body. The measurement and comparison of these and other electrical aspects (a combination of voltage, impedance, and resonance, together referred to as evoked potential) creates a blueprint of the body's fatigue and stress resistance. With the Bionetic BioScan®, the technician uses advanced Bionetics to accurately represent you. Together, Bionetics and biofeedback systematically categorizes values of energy demands in each system (organs, digestive, lymphatic, endocrine, immune) and then creates:

Stress Blueprint

Where does the imbalance occur
What is needed to restore balance
What is the most effective restoration
The BioScan
® process tests resonant frequencies for up to 10,000 substances in 84 categories including bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, chemicals, parasites, foods, allergies, dental materials, trees, weeds, pollens, inhalants, molds, yeast, fungus and many other substances that poison the environment today. In addition, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, flower essences and much more is tested.

Understanding Illness

Illness originates long before any noticeable physical symptoms arise.

While striving to maintain balance within its various systems, the body's coping mechanisms may become overwhelmed and exhausted from processing the daily landslide of stimuli. The body then delves into critical nutritional and energy reserves in its attempt to maintain healthy balance (homeostasis). The body's self-regulation of major systems and sub-systems is critical to our overall well being. A functional imbalance induces illness and the inability of the body to adapt to imbalances for a prolonged period of time may result in both physical and psychological disorders.

In ancient Eastern philosophies of wellness the body's vital energy force parallels chi' in Chinese medicine, or prana in Ayuverda medicine, and directly correlates with health. The relationship between mind and body dictates that balance within the emotional and spiritual levels is as paramount to wellness as the common physical factors of nutrition and environment. As a proven factor in upsetting the body's goal of homeostasis, stress pervades and perverts all levels of being and further complicates the body's innate ability to heal itself.

The BioScan® aims to identify and remove stresses at all levels.

Bionetics and Balance

Bionetics is the science of communicating with the human body through electrical impulse and non-cognitive biofeedback. BioScan® uses this technology to identify the Stress Blueprint of the body. Imbalances in the Stress Blueprint are used as guideposts to identify appropriate nutritional support. If chronic stress, usually sub-conscience, continues for a long period of time and this deep imbalance predominates, the cycle begins to spiral down toward degeneration and disease.

Understanding Healing

Often, people shake responsibility for their own health by adopting symptom relieving solutions. The BioScan® presents clients with an internal picture of their body's stressors, thus returning the responsibility of health back to the client.

After reviewing the results in their entirety, the BioScan® technician designs a protocol specifically addressing the client's most urgent needs. Homeopathic remedies are often suggested because of their ability to stimulate and rebalance the body at the energetic level. Homeopathics can stimulate the body to eliminate the root cause of stress by engaging the body's natural healing processes. This type of support attempts to heal by awakening the body's vital force, not suppressing its functions. The technician will then imprint (personalize) the remedies to exactly match how the body resonates to support natural human functioning and healing. Additionally, the technician identifies deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) and details these in the client's report. As the client advances past the first layer of stress, older ones appear and are addressed with subsequent BioScans®. Progress continues until the client reaches balance or homeostasis usually in 3-5 monthly sessions - four is common.


A parable about balance

Imagine yourself hiking on a crisp fall day under a deep blue sky. You feel in tune with the universe as you head down the trail. Before too long you feel a tiny stone in your shoe. The first few steps you take after noticing the stone are awkward as you carefully try not to put pressure directly on the stone. You adjust for pressure, movement and speed to accommodate the stone.

The stone is annoying and uncomfortable but there's not a good place to stop and take off your shoe. You continue as best you can, now also adjusting your pack and how you lift your leg to take a step.

A little further down the trail, you feel a painful blister on your foot. And, stepping off balance has become a strain on your calf muscle. Finally, you stop and take off your shoe.

As you bend to pull off your shoe, sharp pain shoots down your leg and you feel the strain on your back -- which was twisted as you were off-setting weight to avoid the stone.

You pad the blister, put your shoe back on and continue on your way.

Even though the stone is gone you now limp to compensate for the pain in your calf, your back, and the blister on your foot. This creates a strain on the knee of your other leg. By the end of your hike, your entire body is sore. That night, even though you are exhausted, you have trouble sleeping.

Now, imagine being able to find and remove this stone before ever taking the first step - before ever getting out of balance.


BioRenew® believes that the best approach is to prevent and remove stressors to maximize healing. The BioScan® was developed specifically as a tool to address active stressors on the body. By tapping into and monitoring the response to electrical impulses, the BioScan® measures energy demands and assists the technician in establishing a nutritional program to bring the body back into balance.

With the convenient mail-in BioScan® kit, you can eliminate the timely guesswork involved in chasing stress symptoms. This highly individualized nutritional approach to wellness enables you to take an active role in understanding your personal health, and opens a new chapter in health science.

Some more information can be found here: Your Body Electric

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BioScan Complete includes: BioScan & 4 Remedies.   Shipping & Handling $5.
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BioScan Complete includes: BioScan & 4 Remedies.   Shipping & Handling $5.
Getting Started 
Getting Started

1.  Pay for your BioScan.

2.  Complete your
Release and History.

3.  Complete & scan your
BioScan Disclosure
or Fax: (970) 339-9315

4.  When payment and your Release/History and Disclosure are recieved, we will run your scan. Allow about 10 work days for your results and remedies to arrive by USPS Priority Mail.


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