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Real HGH

BioRenew, LLC products are registered with the FDA under #67110 and follow all Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia guidelines.  These homeopathics are NON-SUPPLEMENTS and we are required to list their benefits under these guidelines:

  • Lose Fat/Cellulite
  • Add Muscle
  • More Energy
  • Sounder Sleep
  • Improve Libido
  • Increase Strength
  • Reduce Wrinkles


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HGH Studies (Word)
HGH Studies (Page)
HGH Research 
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What is Real HGH®?
There have been over 28,000 case studies conducted using growth hormone. One prominent study found that HGH reversed the aging process 10-20 years in six months. Here are some of the results of these studies:

Increased Energy
HGH can have a profound effect on increasing energy and a sense of well-being. It can reinvigorate the mind and also reverse the attitudes and expectations associated with aging. It increases concentration and thinking power and has an anti-depressive action on the brain


Radiation Exposure Reduction
It was zeolite that was poured over the Chernobyl reactor after the incident, to absorb the radiation, before they encased it in cement.  There is strong indication the NCD (zeolite) is a very effective modality for the removal of Depleted Uranium.

Reduces Fat and Cellulite
The most effective anti-obesity "agent" ever discovered, HGH revs up the metabolism to former highs selectively reducing the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs. Subjects in the Rudman study experienced a 14.4% decrease in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass of 8.8%, all within six months.

Boosts Exercise and Muscle Building
Medical studies have proven that positive gains occur only while growth hormone is being secreted by the body. HGH significantly increases the effects of exercise and muscle building including energy, muscle strength, stamina and endurance.

Increases Sexual Performance
As a powerful aphrodisiac, HGH restores sexual potency and sexuality in men. Many of the women who use it also report increased libido and heightened pleasure. It also helps to alleviate menstrual and post-menopausal symptoms.

Great for Skin
The skin regains thickness, becomes more elastic and hydrated and people start looking visibly younger. Not only do the fine lines vanish and deeper wrinkles recede, the face can actually undergo a change of contour.

Hair and Nails
HGH appears to have a tonic effect on hair. In clinical tests 38% reported new hair growth coming in faster, thicker and in its natural color. Nails also become thicker and stronger.

Brain and Memory
The brain and nervous system are made up of cells called neurons which are permanent and never regrow. However, HGH can stimulate their repair and rejuvenation. It also affects the proteins produced in the brain for storing our memories. Learning, memory and intelligence all depend on adequate supplies of growth hormone.

Many who use HGH report that they sleep better, deeper and wake up well rested and refreshed. This seems to be the result of growth hormone's regenerative effect since deep sleep is when the body rejuvenates and repairs itself.

Cell Protection
HGH can act on proteases (the destructive enzymes that can cause cell damage) directly. It activates a cellular defense called protease inhibitors, which prevent free radicals from doing their deadly work. Research shows that HGH can not only further what antioxidants do but it can also do what antioxidants cannot.

Other Benefits
Studies have also shown many benefits related to increasing bone mass, regenerating the vital organs, cholesterol, high blood pressure, reducing the risk factors of heart attacks and strokes, strengthening of the immune system and much more.

HGH is referred to by medical science as the master hormone. It is very plentiful when we are young. Near the age of 21 our bodies begin to produce less of it. By the time we are 40 nearly everyone is deficient in HGH, and at 80 our production has normally diminished at least 90-95%.

True Recombinant
Real HGH contains true recombinant human growth hormone. It is a 191 amino acid chain identical to that manufactured by the human body. It is the result of a patented biotechnology and is produced in the United States by an FDA certified laboratory following US Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia guidelines.

To guarantee maximum bio-activity and absorption into the body, all BioRenew
® products are fully hand-succussed. They are never touched by a machine which can damage the balance of a homeopathic. Thus, we are able to ensure the integrity of all our products.

Usage: 2 sprays or 1/2 dropper under tongue 3 times/day, 5 days on and 2 days off. Take 10 minutes or more BEFORE drink/meals -OR- 10 minutes or more AFTER drink/meals.  Best not to talk or swallow for 5 minutes allowing best absorption.  You may "stack" multiple remedies simultaneously.  May additionally use during a crisis or high stress.

Somatotropin (HGH) & IGF-1 6x, 12x, 30x

Abrotanum 10x 30x 100x
Anacardium Orientale 10x 30x 100x
Arsenicum Album 10x 30x 100x
Baryta Carbonica 10x 30x 100x
Baryta Muriatica 10x 30x 100x
Calcarea Carbonica 10x 30x 100x
Calcarea Fluorica 10x 30x 100x
Calcarea Phosphorica 10x 30x 100x
Ferrum Metallicum 10x 30x 100x
Fucus Vesiculosus 10x 30x 100x
Hekla Lava 10x 30x 100x
Helleborus Niger 10x 30x 100x
Ignatia Amara 10x 30x 100x
Lycopodium Clavatum 10x 30x 100x
Nicotinamidum 10x 30x 100x
Secale Cornutum 10x 30x 100x
Silicea 10x 30x 100x
Chromium Oxidatum 8x, 12x
Cobaltum Metallicum 8x, 12x
Magnesium Metallicum 8x, 12x
Manganum Metallicum 8x, 12x

Calcarea Sulphurica 6x
Magnesium Phosphorica 6x

MicroEnergy® Nutritionals
MicroEnergy® Enhanced Water
HGH Release Factor
NCD Zeolite

Pituitary (non animal)
Colostrum (non animal)
RNA-DNA (non animal)
- plus hundreds of additional MicroEnergy® frequencies.

20% USP alcohol, 8% USP vegetable glycerin.

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Average Review
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
5 out of 5
6 Customer Ratings
Miracle in a Bottle
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating 5/5
My husband and I are both 38. We both suffer from chronic back problems. We invested in a bottle of BioRenew [Real HGH]. Within minutes of our first spray, we immediately felt an amazing burst of much needed energy; and it keeps getting better!! My husband has noticed a great increase of muscular mass, more acute senses, better stamina, and weight loss...all in our first month!!! Also we feel that there has been a slight increase in our overall height, it seems to be regenerating the discs in our spines!! This stuff is like a Miracle in a bottle. We're telling all our friends about it!!! And if it's possible, we'd like to become advocates for your products. Sincerely, Joseph and Anathea C
Posted by *
02/14/2010 - 11:19 PM
Results in 1 Week
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating 5/5
I was really trying to find something that would work. I was tired of the same old promises and stories. I decided to try BioRenew REAL HGH. I can tell you that I can't believe that I have only taken your product for a week and have these results. I have finally been able to sleep all night, everyone is commenting on how great my skin looks, my energy is consistent the whole day and my mood is elevated and calm. This is only in a week! I have even seen some changes in my body (stomach area) which is really hard to get rid of at my age 42. I will be looking forward to the results each wk as I see there are new changes and improvements to look forward to. Thank you for this great product- One that truly does work! :)
Posted by *
02/14/2010 - 11:24 PM
Real Energy
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating 5/5
I received my order a week ago and have just begun my second week with Biorenew's HGH product. Already I feel more rested, more energetic, more optimistic. I used to wake up with dark circles under my eyes. After just one week they are gone! I may be biased, but I think my face has a youthful glow. I certainly feel better about myself. I am a regular exerciser - weight lifter. Already I've noticed more stamina on the treadmill and I'm able to work out longer and harder than before. This product is great! Thank you so much. Matt
Posted by *
02/14/2010 - 11:27 PM
Mood Enhancement
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating 5/5
Real HGH Mood Enhancement I have used the Real HGH product for the past 6 weeks and boy how I have seen a great improvement in my mood swings and especially my sleep pattern. I would like to know how I can become a distributor. Rosa
Posted by *
02/14/2010 - 11:29 PM
Hair Color Returned
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating 5/5
REAL HGH TRIPLE POTENCY. I have used it now for 2 1/2 weeks and have noticed increased energy, but what is so amazing is my gray hair is turning back to its original color. A week later not only do I not have to color yet, but even my most stubborn hair areas around the temples that are the first to turn gray after coloring are totally back to their original color. I still have some gray roots in places, but they are disappearing everyday. It's amazing! I had read about that benefit, but I would not have believed it if I hadn't seen it myself! I can't wait to see what happens next as I continue to use.... Thanks for your wonderful product! Donna C
Posted by *
02/14/2010 - 11:34 PM
  • Currently 3/5 Stars.
Rating 5/5
Love it
Posted by Yessenia Nuncio
08/07/2018 - 11:10 PM
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